Wedged open fire doors? Are they a problem? 
Wedging open a fire door is illegal, dangerous and opens you, the employer, to the risk of personal prosecution. 
As an integral part of any building’s fire safety strategy, the fire door is quite simply a life-saver. A closed fire door can stop a fire in its tracks. 
Dorgard Fire Door Retainer 
Wedging open fire doors is illegal, dangerous and opens employers to the risk of personal prosecution. A closed fire door can stop fire in its tracks, but wedged open, the fire door provides no protection and the fire can spread throughout the building. Dorgard is a safe and legal solution that allows you to hold your fire doors open safely and automatically shut them in the event of a fire. This allows for better wheelchair access, ventilation and all-round convenience without jeopardising safety or breaking the law. 
Dorgard has been installed in schools, theatres, hospitals and stately homes and is the ideal solution to getting rid of the dangerous culture of wedging fire doors open with fire extinguishers or wooden blocks. Dorgard has been accepted by the fire brigade because it can save lives. 
Dorgard is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Any colour can be supplied to match your corporate identity (subject to a minimum order quantity). 
How does Dorgard work? 
The unit's rubber plunger/stopper is in contact with the floor and, unlike magnetic retainers, can hold the door open in any selected position. When a fire alarm sounds, Dorgard's integral audio-electronic device signals the plunger to retract and releases the door to close. Dorgard is battery operated, so there is no need for complex and expensive wiring. 
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