Fire Safety Products 
Fire Extinguishers 
Market-leading Commander® has something new to offer – CommanderEDGE. BS EN3 Kitemark approved across the range, this range is set to become the choice of the professional, with a reassuring mixture of performance, quality and value. The range includes Water, Foam, CO2 and Powder models and offers solutions for almost all situations. The internationally- recognised BS Kitemark is assurance of dependable design and manufacture. 
Sprinkler Systems & Risers 
Firewatch have project managed many domestic sprinkler systems across the south west in partnership with trusted and accredited partners, offering the complete design, installation and maintenance packages. 
Risers are commonly found in buildings over four floors, used as a way of assisting the fire service to quickly pump water up to high levels. Drastically saving time in not having to lay out and connect many lengths of hose from the fire engine up stairwells to the 4th floor and above 
Versa Evacuation Chair 
Firewatch have added to its wide range of products, we are able to supply you with the MARKET LEADING Versa evacuation chair. This British made range of evacuation chairs are probably the best value for money on offer in the UK today 
Dorgard enables you to legally and safely keep fire doors open, by allowing the door to close when the fire alarm sounds preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under 5 minutes, Dorgard is listening for a continuous fire alarm of 65dBA or higher. 
Intumescent Products 
Gaps around the four sides of a fire door leaf are essential – it’s the only way the door can open and close. 
But these gaps create a point of weakness, where fire can take hold and destroy the door, and lethal smoke can pass through. In everyday use, sound can also pass through unprotected gaps; and the building’s heat can be lost, wasting energy. 
Intumescent seals protect those gaps. Most of the door seals shown in this section are multi-functional, which means just one product offers efficient, cost-effective protection against fire, smoke, sound leakage and heat loss. 
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