Fire Specialist Systems & Services 
Redcare Monitoring 
Fire alarm equipment is remotely monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Immediately following the alarm activation the ARC can summon the fire brigade and notify the customer. Systems can be installed using an existing BT telephone line or via GSM (mobile) technology. Buildings insurers may request this equipment or may offer discounted premiums for Redcare protected premises. 
Air Sampling Systems 
Sometimes referred to as aspirating systems, this equipment is often installed to provide very early smoke detection. Regularly used in computer suites and server rooms but also ideal for protecting large inaccessible areas such as ceiling voids. 
Intrinsically Safe Systems 
A specialist fire alarm system using equipment designed and installed for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres such as petro-chemicals, distilleries etc. 
Fixed Systems 
We have nominated partner contractors who will install and maintain all types of gaseous systems – typically protecting computer server rooms. 
Water leak detection systems are generally fitted within the floor voids beneath computer suites and server rooms. This equipment can detect the slightest increase in moisture levels and prevent resultant damage to critical pieces of IT equipment. 
Public Address and Voice Alarm Equipment 
A combined system of Public Address and Voice Alarm equipment, utilising voice messaging to evacuate large public areas such as sports facilities, theatres and cinemas. 
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