Fire Alarm Additional Services 
Firewatch also offers a range of additional services to ensure your fire protection system is operating efficiently. 
Fire System Health Check Report 
Included with our “Plus” plans, this service can also be purchased as a “bolt-on” to our standard twelve-month plan. 
Benefits of the report include: 
Identification of system category and adequacy 
Confirmation of system performance and equipment condition 
Identification of non-compliant installations and recommended improvements 
Identification of possible causes of false alarm n Planned maintenance/upgrade of equipment to suit budget 
Fire System Audibility Test 
One of the most important factors in fire alarm system design is the audibility level of the warning devices (sounder or bells). Changes in building layout or use can have a significant effect on audibility and render a system non-compliant. In addition, visible warning devices may be required in areas with high background noise or for people who are hearing impaired. 
Benefits of the test include: 
Detailed schedule of audibility levels throughout your premises 
Highlighted areas of non-compliance and recommended solutions 
Compliance with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) 
Weekly Fire Alarm Test 
It is a recommendation of BS5839 that a weekly fire alarm test is carried out by the user to ensure system operation and to help remind the occupants of the building what the fire alarm sounds like. We are able to carry this out on your behalf to contracted customers subject to availability and geographical location. 
System Leasing 
Talk to our management team about the option to lease your fire alarm system: we have negotiated special rates with one of the leading industry leasing companies. 
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