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Whether it is designing a system for a large warehouse or a wireless system for a listed stately home, Firewatch can offer the full range of fire alarm services; Paul Robinson Fire Alarm Division Manager, explains how Firewatch can offer a full range of fire alarm services. 
“An important point to consider when choosing a fire alarm installer is the future ease of adaption and servicing. Firewatch have always installed ‘open protocol’ fire alarm systems, with readily available components for future maintenance and replacement. Some installers fit systems with unusual components or ‘closed protocol’ components not easily sourced in the future." 
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"Larger national firms, generally, install ‘closed protocol’ systems; using equipment they manufacture for their own use or select exclusive agency agreements. This essentially means that should an adaption to your system prove necessary in the future or for any maintenance, or replacement components, they can only be sourced by them or through an agent. When assessing installation quotations, don’t be fooled by the normally lower price for one of these systems – always insist the system is ‘open protocol’ , and obtain any other access codes on completion. If you are unsure about what to do, ask Firewatch, we will give free advice without any obligation”. 
The Firewatch process begins with an in-depth site survey during which the individual requirements of the customer, the fire services and, where applicable, building control will be discussed. A detailed specification and quotation are then submitted for your consideration. 
On acceptance our experienced and fully trained Firewatch alarm engineers complete the installation. We will ensure your nominated person understands the system fully, as well as what regular checks are required to fulfill your obligations under fire legislation. Full certification and a zone plan will also be provided. 
Firewatch gained accreditation under BAFE scheme SP203 in May 2006 and is fully approved for the design, installation, commissioning, verification and handover of commercial fire alarm systems
All equipment installed is guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months. Firewatch installs both hard-wired and wireless systems and all equipment supplied is sourced from established manufacturers with proven track records for longevity and reliability. Firewatch regularly installs EMS FireCell systems. The EMS FireCell product utilises smart cluster technology allowing greater flexibility with many building applications and it is fully compliant with the new EN54 part 25 regulations. 
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