Fire Extinguisher Service Plans 
Firewatch offers easy to understand fire extinguisher service plans to suit all needs and budgets.  
Firewatch has swept away all previous service plans and created new options, designed to give the customer complete transparency. Gone are the charges for seals , tags, pins and various tests: the price quoted will be the price you pay with a choice of easy to understand options. 
We offer our clients total transparency in our charging plans - there are no hidden unpleasant surprises. We cannot eliminate every variable however, and are unable to predict the failure of or damage to equipment, but be assured we will always give you the best option for your business needs. There is no financial gain for our technicians, on which type or quantity of equipment are needed when carrying out surveys or servicing – they receive full salaries and receive no commission. 
All service plans are carried out in accordance to relevant British Standards in particular 5306 Pt 3, by our licensed ST 104 BAFE Technicians. 
Firewatch Standard Service Plan 
ANNUAL CONTRACT - The maintenance visit will include all service parts, horns and hoses required on the service visit.The only additional maintenance charges are for extinguishers requiring an Extended Service* to comply with British Standards and extinguishers requiring refilling. 
Comprehensive Service Plan 
TWO-YEAR FIXED PRICE CONTRACT - As the Standard Service Plan but in addition:  
Includes all extended service tests.  
A fixed-fee two year contract  
Additional visits – no inspection fee –attendance and refill charges only. 
Comprehensive Plus Service Plan 
THREE-YEAR FIXED PRICE CONTRACT- As the Comprehensive Service Plan but in addition:  
Replace all defective equipment (due to age or malfunction – not damaged) 
Firewatch will supply and maintain fire-fighting equipment on a rental basis for a fixed price for three or five-year term. *Please note the equipment supplied remains the property of Firewatch. 
Extended Service – for information 
Extended service – required by British Standards. This is a test which involves emptying the extinguisher by discharge at defined intervals, checking internally and refilling. Health and safety and environmental requirements mean that Firewatch, like most fire protection companies, exchanges powder and CO2 extinguishers for another of the same type and size – the original extinguisher can be returned if required but additional visit charges are applicable.  
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