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Extinguisher Division 
Firewatch delivers a bespoke and personal service to every business making us your one-stop shop for all your fire extinguisher needs. 
Royston Blunt (Group Sales Manager) explains how Firewatch can provide the solution to your fire extinguisher needs. 
“Firewatch, unlike many companies, likes to survey a client’s premises where possible prior to submitting a quotation. One size doesn’t fit all – no business is the same as another. As part of our duty of care we assess what is best for you, the customer, and recommend accordingly. All our extinguisher technicians are fully qualified through the best industry standard examinations and undergo refresher courses every three years. They work under ISO 9001 quality assurance, BAFE SP 101 quality module and are individually BAFE ST 104 audited by a BAFE auditor”. 
Firewatch supplies the CommanderEDGE range of fire extinguishers independently certified by Lloyds Register, manufactured to BSEN3 and Kitemarked. Extinguishers carry a no quibble five-year warranty while maintained by Firewatch. 
"Our quotation will fully explain your options and a choice, if appropriate, of service plans. Whether you wish to have just an annual agreement or accept our three-year comprehensive plus service plan, it is your choice. On acceptance of our quotation, a mutually convenient appointment will be made by a local technician to carry out the service or supply and install as requested. You will always be informed of any defective equipment during the service or areas of your premises with insufficient or incorrect equipment." 
"Training* in the operation of fire extinguishers will be offered to your employees when periodic tests are due – this is a recommendation in British Standards. 
On completion of the service a location sheet will be created and all items of equipment uniquely numbered enabling us to maintain a complete record of the maintenance of your equipment and quick identification for future visits. A certificate of inspection will be issued by the technician and a copy left with you for your records. All of the above is carried out in accordance with BS 5306 Part 3." 
*Subject to a safe and environmentally friendly area available for instruction
Fire extinguishers are often thought of as “those red metal things" fixed to a wall or sadly sometimes used as a convenient doorstop! Yet a fire extinguisher is actually a very important piece of lifesaving equipment – in most cases the first piece of equipment that is used in a fire emergency. Therefore it follows that the competent selection, installation and maintenance of them is both essential as well as being a legal requirement. Firewatch takes the provision and maintenance of the equipment we supply very seriously, which is why we offer a full range of fire extinguishers. 
We recommend and supply the market-leading CommanderEDGE. 
BS EN3 Kitemark approved across the range, which includes water, foam, CO2 and powder models and offers solutions for almost all situations. The internationally recognized BS Kitemark gives assurance of dependable design and manufacture. 
• Kitemarked to BS EN3 
• Tough, corrosion-resistant finish 
• Polyethylene lining to water and foam extinguishers 
• All units come complete with wall mounting bracket 
• Full technical and operational support 
• Full five-year guarantee 
• 35kVa Dielectric Test certification on 6 and 9 litre models 
Foam is always an excellent choice for Class A and B fires. The standard 6-litre and 9-litre models have passed the 35kVa Dielectric test and comply fully with BS EN3-7: 2004 Clause 9 - dielectric test for water-based extinguishers. 
The newly developed 6-litre EnviroFoam is a true market leader with an environmentally friendly foam which boasts a high performance 27A 183B fire rating. 
To be able to respond quickly to our customer’s requirements our stores are always fully stocked, typically with over 500 extinguishers of all types and sizes. 
Ernie Criddle, our stores controller for many years, keeps a watchful eye on stock levels and that the stock is always in first rate condition
British Standards  
The supply and service of portable fire extinguishers on customer’s premises are covered by two main standards. 
British Standard 5306 Part 3 
British Standard Part 8 
The potential issues of a failure to operate when needed to both your business and ours cannot be understated, hence our strict adherence to the relevant British Standard. 
For more information on these standards and the others that may apply to your business, speak to your Firewatch account manager or to one of our BAFE extinguisher technicians. 
For further information on BS please check their website CLICK HERE 
CE mark 
The CE Mark is administered by the European Union. By placing the CE mark on products, the manufacturer is warranting that the product meets the minimum EU standards set down for that product. 
The CE Mark does not mean that a product is safe. It means it has been designed to meet safety standards, for example, if it is a fire, then it has the appropriate fire guard built in, but you must ensure that it is still operating safely. 
For further information on the CE Mark CLICK HERE 
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