New members of the Firewatch Team 
To further the bond and working partnership between ourselves and The Donkey Sanctuary, we are pleased to be able to adopt two of their donkeys under their Adoption scheme. William D and Walter are very welcome to join us, and we will take great delight in visiting Walter in Sidmouth and William D if we are ever up in Leeds. 
William D 
We have recieved one of these lovely packs for each of our donkeys and at £24.00 for a years adoption is brilliant value for money, in turn helping a very worthwhile charity. The money raised from adoptions goes towards securing the rescued donkeys and mules future, it also goes towards helping fund their worldwide projects which reach in excess of 400,000 donkeys worldwide, helping to protect them from suffering and educating owners on the correct welfare for their animals.  
Once rescued not all donkeys just get turned away to pasture, some of the really special ones like William D offer animal assisted therapy to children and adults who have a range of additional needs and disabilities. Every year they deliver more than 46,000 sessions. This unique and effective form of assisted therapy helps improve confidence, self-esteem, major and minor motor skills, core balance and gives children a real sense of achievement. 
Adoption pack
William D 
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