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We are pleased to be able to announce a partnership with the Donkey Sanctuary, providing them with the supply and servicing of their fire equipment for the next two years. Although we have maintained the equipment at the Ivybridge site for several years, we now cover all the main sites through the whole of England – Sidmouth, Birmingham, Derbyshire, Ivybridge, Leeds & Manchester, as well as all the other small private farms that are not open to the public. 
The Donkey Sanctuary was founded as a charity in 1969, by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE, and since 1969 the Sanctuary given over 15,500 donkeys and mules sanctuary for life in the UK and Europe, and there are currently 5,500 animals in their care, including 1,500 in foster homes. The Donkey sanctuary also makes a big difference overseas, in 2012 they operated directly or indirectly through partnerships and collaboration in 27 countries and aim to reach over 40 countries by 2018. 
As well as helping donkeys the sanctuary has a large programme of donkey assisted therapy. Today they have 9 donkey assisted therapy operations and are aiming for 31 by 2018. For those of you that have followed our golf day Charlie’s Trophy and know the story behind it, Charlie our CEO’s grandson has RTS and benefits from the Donkey Sanctuary himself. Along with Action for Children he takes part in visits to the Ivybridge site to meet the donkeys along with other children in the group. 
Sadly Dr Svendsen passed away in 2011 but her memory lives on in the work of the Sanctuary, as does her eternal motto that, in everything they do, donkeys will always come first, second and third. 
Donkey Sanctuary
Donkey Sanctuary
Donkey Sanctuary
Visit the Donkey Sanctuary website HERE to see how you can help this wonderful charity continue to rescue and improve the welfare of donkeys and mules throughout the world, along with their work with children who have communication and interaction difficulties such as autism, physical or sensory impairment, learning difficulties, and behavioral, emotional and social development needs. 
For further information on RTS please click HERE or Action for Children HERE 
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