Who looks after your business while you are sleeping? 
Most businesses have fire alarm systems installed to both protect their business and to comply with legislation – it’s good business sense; most fires take place when the premises are unoccupied, in the evening, at weekends or over holiday periods. It is reported that 67% of all major fires occur at times when buildings are closed or unoccupied - after 6pm. 
So you spent your hard earned money installing a fire alarm system, but when you have gone home it is effectively switched of, because unfortunately unless you are very lucky nobody pays attention to other peoples alarm whether fire or security. 
If your fire alarm system is not monitored, vital minutes can pass before a ringing bell gets noticed, if at all. Fire alarm monitoring is a vital part of your site/businesses protection, at Firewatch we can offer fully monitored sites that not only monitor your fire alarm system for fire conditions but for any fault that may also occur, there are also varying connection types to suit all types of business. 
Option 1 - Traditional Red Care that monitors the site via a copper BT line 
Option 2 - Dual signal path that monitors via a copper line and GPRS mobile network. 
Option 3 - GPRS only signal path that uses all of the main UK mobile network providers. 
Jon Limer, Firewatch Fire Alarm Manager endorses the latter option............ 
We have installed many different types and by far the GPRS option gives most benefit to our customers as it removes the need for the involvement of typically slow to respond phone companies and providing that the signal strengths are acceptable we can have a system fully monitored within a matter of days” he added “Firewatch can offer all of these connection types and also monitor other equipment like commercial refrigeration units, BMS systems and room temperature etc. Even if we do not maintain your system we can arrange monitoring on your behalf, for less than a £1 a day” 
Quick overview 
The Alarm Receiving Centre [ARC] monitors your fire alarm system 24 hours a day and provides quick response and direct links to emergency fire and rescue service. 
Monitoring includes: 
24/7 Support, 365 days a year 
Emergency Response 
Managed False Alarms 
Compliance with British Standards, fire legislation and insurance requirements 
Whether your premises are domestic, commercial or industrial, Firewatch can give you peace of mind and a good night sleep! 
Once a fire is detected, the alarm sounds, and a digital signal is sent to our alarm receiving centre within seconds, enabling them to call the emergency services or a designated person by you immediately. 
Getting Connected - your choices 
1) BT Redcare GSM 
A normal BT analogue or broadband telephone line that isn't used for ISDN, it can even be enabled on a fax or modem line using a MCD connection box. It is the most widely used because of dual path signalling, meaning it uses both phone line and a GSM path to communicate to the alarm receiving centre [ARC] Firewatch will make all the arrangements with BT redcare on your behalf, once an order has been placed. 
Until recently it was the industry standard and specified universally by insurance companies nationwide. However, the product is limited to use with a BT line only and with growth in third party line providers a gap in the market has opened. 
2) Dual Signal Path 
Dualcom is also a dual path signalling device that works on any standard telephone line, including BT. It comes as a grade 2, 3, or 4 unit - the difference being the polling frequency. It currently relies on a good Vodafone signal to work, however, in the near future it will operate across all networks. 
3) GPRS Only 
We can now offer DualCom GradeShift, this technology relies solely on the countries mobile communication infrastructure utilising all of the popular mobile networks such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2. There is no line rental with 3rd party organisations it’s all taken care of by us, the line is fully monitored and in the unlikely event of a mobile network failing the system automatically switches to the next strongest network. All we need to do to facilitate monitoring of your system is to carry out a no obligation survey, if the survey results are acceptable within hours you could have full 24/7 monitoring for your business. 
A requirement of BS5839 - the British Standard relating to the Installation and maintenance of fire alarms (BS5839) have recently been revised (2013), and include recommendations that fire detection and alarm systems installed the protection of property, known as category "P" systems, should have some means of automatic transmission of a fire signal to an alarm receiving centre. 
To arrange fire alarm monitoring on your system , contact Jon Limer or Paul Robinson on 0800 783 4171 or email info@firewatchsouthwest.co.uk 
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