Are you Carbon Monoxide aware?? 
Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer because you can't hear, see or smell it - but you can prevent poisoning and learn how to recognise the early warning signs 
Carbon monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion of natural or petroleum gas. Inhaling the gas reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen, leaving the body's organs and cells starved of oxygen. 
Common sources of carbon monoxide in the home include faulty central heating systems, gas appliances and fires. Blocked flues and chimneys mean the gas can't escape and is inhaled by the unsuspecting individual. 
In the UK, about 50 people die each year in their homes from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. 
The Ei208 is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm that is powered by a sealed-in Lithium battery. 
The alarm has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence. The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in CO gas on assembly to ensure accuracy. 
The alarm has a twist on mounting base which has multiple fixing points so it can easily be secured to a ceiling or wall. 
The memory feature records the last CO level sensed and can be useful to check if CO has been present if the home owner or tenant has been absent from the property. 
An easy to use Test/Hush button allows the user to test the alarm. This checks all aspects of the alarm (sensor, electronics and sounder). 
The alarm has an ‘End of life’ indicator which will notify the user when the alarm needs replacing at the end of its seven year life. 
Proven Electrochemical sensor (7 year life)   
Lithium battery (sealed in)   
Easy to use large Test/Hush button   
Pre alarm LED gives early warning of CO   
Memory feature records if Carbon Monoxide (CO) has been detected   
End of life indicator   
Loud distinctive alarm sound (85db (A) at 3 metres)  Power, alarm and fault indicator lights   
Kitemarked to BS EN50291-1:2010   
5 Year Guarantee 
Carbon Monoxide Alarms are available for £29.95 +VAT, for further information please call Royston Blunt on 0800 483 7141 or email r.blunt@firewatchsouthwest.co.uk 
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