Devon Air Ambulance 20th Anniversary 
An invitation was extended to Firewatch CEO Martin Smith from Devon Air Ambulance Trust to attend a day at the Fire Service HQ in Clyst St George Exeter as part of the celebrations for the charities 20th anniversary of the DAAT - a charity Firewatch supported last year and continues to support. 
The day was attended by supporters of the charity local dignitaries and members of the emergency services showcased the DAAT integration with the emergency services. 
A tour around their USAR (urban search and rescue) base, known as Station 60 , which is the second largest in the UK after London. Martin was completely fascinated by what they do - and how they do it. 
USAR involves the location, extrication, and initial medical stabilisation of victims trapped in confined spaces due to natural disasters, structural collapse, transportation accidents, mines and collapsed trenches. 
Structural collapse incidents can comprise unstable or collapsed structures in an unsafe position. Usually collapse incidents leave voids inside the debris that can result in numerous casualties trapped under large amounts of very heavy and often unstable debris. USAR services can be faced with complex rescue operations within hazardous environment. Incidents experience shows that people are often found alive many hours and days after rescue operations commence, and the corresponding services should be planned accordingly 
Martin said “I was extremely impressed with the skills and equipment demonstrated by USAR and the other services, particularly how they can integrate and work together when attending to the wide-ranging incidents they have to deal with. Devon has such a variety of terrain that these services really do need to be able to respond to just about everything.” 
“I would also like to congratulate DAAT for the great work they do, and am only too pleased Firewatch are able to help in some small way.”. 
For more information on the work of the DAAT please click here 
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