BAFE registers companies to a range of approved schemes, delivered in partnership with a number of UKAS accredited Third Party Certification Bodies. 
Using BAFE registered companies will assist end users to meet their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and can be used as a clear statement of requirements in tenders and specifications 
Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers, incorporating Registered Fire Extinguisher Service Technicians Scheme - SP101/ST104 
The purpose of this scheme is to ensure the quality standards of the service company and the technicians who carry out the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, in line with current standards. Companies require IS09001 -2008 with a UKAS approved Certification body, whose scope includes the Scheme requirements. Technicians are routinely assessed by BAFE assessors and must comply with the initial and refresher training requirements of BS5306. 
BAFE BS 5306
Modular Scheme for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems - SP203-1 
The scheme comprises 4 modules - design, installation, commissioning and maintenance which recognise the different skills requirements and end user client requirements. Over 3A of companies have all four modules, but there is no limit to the combinations possible. Companies must demonstrate a documented Quality Management system and many have IS09001, although this is not an absolute requirement. The scheme is certified by BAFE licensed Certification Bodies and currently has over 400 members nationally. Each module element of the completed FDA system is certificated and if all four elements have a certificate a BAFE approval certificate can be issued for the completed system. Use of BAFE registered companies can assist in the reduction in false alarm activations. 
Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment - SP205 
BAFE scheme SP205 has been developed for Companies who provide Fire Risk Assessment service for others. This scheme is designed to give assurance to those commissioning fire risk assessments and give confidence in the quality and relevance of the services being provided. It is essential that the fire risk assessor is a competent person, and the fire risk assessor has a duty of care to the organization on which legislation imposes a requirement for the fire risk assessment. 
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